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DHEA is produced by your adrenal glands, and is the most plentiful sex hormone in the body. Without it, your body can’t make estrogen or testosterone. And it has the added benefit of keeping your other hormones balanced and functioning well.

Click DHEA treatment to skip straight to our page that describes how Renew Woman™ can eliminate your frustration with hormone replacement and help you to feel better. To learn more general information about DHEA, please read on…

Some Facts About DHEA for Women:

◦ You can find DHEA in every cell of the body.
◦ DHEA declines with age, and/or with the onset of adrenal fatigue.
◦ DHEA is a major player in the body’s hormonal system. Our bodies can’t make estrogen or testosterone without it.
◦ DHEA supports the immune system, and protects against cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, depression, and heart disease.
◦ DHEA provides an important counterbalance against the destructive effects of excess cortisol and stress.
◦ The fact that DHEA is available over the counter is good for simplicity of access, but bad for ensuring proper dosage and quality.

Aging and Stress = Diminished DHEA

As we age, our adrenal glands slow down and produce less DHEA. And stress decreases DHEA in the body by just plain wearing the adrenal glands out and causing adrenal fatigue.

Regardless of the reason, a decrease in DHEA means a decrease in estrogen and testosterone. And that’s not all. DHEA also plays a major role in the function and balance of your other hormones. The bottom line is all of your other hormones need DHEA.

Other Benefits of DHEA

Many studies point to DHEA’s importance in supporting good general health. Some of these studies have even shown low DHEA levels to be present at the onset of disease, leading researchers to conclude that DHEA may be critical to proper functioning of the immune system.

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