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A decade ago a government study all but pulled the plug on using hormone replacement therapy to alleviate symptoms of menopause. It was felt HRT increased the risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer.

After re-evaluating the data, doctors today are resuscitating the practice.

It's gone back to where it was initially before the big study, Women's Health Study. It is acceptable now. And if you want good quality of life - that's one of the options for you.

Female hormone replacement consists of estrogen and progesterone if a woman still has her uterus. They are used to replenish the system and get rid of troublesome symptoms.

Decreased estrogen affects hot flashes, night sweats all the good stuff. A lot of women get to the point where they can't sleep, they can't function, they have a fog almost like a brain fog and they can't work.

This time around- doctors are proceeding with caution. They found the best risk-ratio benefit when hormone replacement was started in women under 59 years old or within 10 years of menopause. Even then, therapy isn't mean to last forever.